Trimming and Pruning

The expert landscaping crew at Green Thumb Company has offered trimming and pruning services since 1988. Our team is experienced with not only when to prune certain plants, perennials, trees, shrubs, roses, flowering hedges and bushes to create a vibrant, healthy and colorful landscape - but also why.

Our expert pruning team understands the importance of how to utilize different trimming and pruning techniques including pinching, hedging, shearing and thinning out of your landscaping to make your home more stunning than ever.

Scheduling regular trimming and pruning services for your property also enhances the overall health of your vegetation. We understand that pruning can be intimidating and daunting for a home owner, as the action of pruning isn’t just about shaping for looks, but impacts how well your plants will grow, flower and ultimately mature.

Proper tree pruning (especially fruit tree pruning) is about maintaining good tree health, aesthetics, and keeping your property and landscape safe from the possibility of falling tree limbs. Proper pruning will enhance the beauty of your landscape and compliment the other shrubs, plantings and the lawn area on your property – increasing the overall appearance of your home.

Give us call today at (360) 671-LAWN and tell us how we can help with the trimming and pruning around your home - or assist you with any of your landscaping needs, or request a Free Quote directly from our website.

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