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Keep your lawn healthy, vibrant and looking great – throughout the season.

When you are considering lawn mowing services for your home, there are two options: mulching or bagging. The preferred method depends on conditions of the lawn, the weather conditions, and customer preference. We have the high-powered machines that can handle mulching, which is much different from a homeowner’s model.

Mulching is very beneficial for the lawn and allows us to recycle the grass on site. Keep in mind that clippings returned into the soil are free fertilizer and water for your lawn, as the majority of a blade of grass is water. Lawns mowed with the grass clippings being bagged and removed need to be fertilized and watered more often in order to stay green. Although, typically more grass is able to be cut off when bagging the grass clippings than when mulching, so both methods prove helpful and complimentary during the growth season.

Our Residential Lawn Care and Landscaping Services include:

  • Scheduled lawn and landscaping maintenance
  • Lawn Mowing, edging, blowing, raking
  • Lawn Renovation: Aeration, dethatching, fertilization
  • Moss control
  • Leaf Raking
  • Weed control
  • Seasonal Yard Clean ups
  • Trimming and Pruning
  • Mulch, bark, compost and wood chip installations

During very dry weather, our custom is to visit your property and check the condition of the lawn before mowing unnecessarily. You may always call us to notify us if you think we should wait another cycle before rendering service.

Dethatching and aerating services are best when done during cool weather, preferably in the spring or fall. These services are recommended on an “as needed” basis, (annually or less) and are not required. The times when we do these services, we will overseed the lawn to fill in the bare patches caused by removal of thatch and recommend fertilization to create strong roots on newly seeded areas.

Our landscaping team is highly trained and come to your home dressed in our company uniform in a clean, marked vehicle. Our equipment is checked daily to make sure it is all in perfect working order, and our mower blades are sharpened regularly to ensure properly cut grass. As our testimonials show, we provide quality work to homeowners and our prices are competitive. Green Thumb Company LLC is fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Washington.

Our experienced crew members are residential landscaping and lawn care specialists – and extremely professional and reliable. Give us a call today and learn for yourself why people choose Green Thumb Company to maintain their residential and commercial properties in Bellingham and Ferndale.

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