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Lawn Maintenance Contracts Protect You And Your Yard

July 29, 2010

Possibly the cheapest way to increase the curb appeal of your Bellingham or Ferndale Washington home, as well as maintain your home investment, is with the services of a professional lawn care company. When you hire a landscaping company they will probably ask, and you should demand, they sign a lawn or yard maintenance contract. The agreement should specify the responsibilities of the company as well as the homeowner so there are no questions as to who is responsible for what part of the lawn care.

Any Whatcom County lawn maintenance professional will have a yard maintenance contract. This contract should spell out how many times the company will visit and mow your lawn as well as being specific as to what areas will be mown, weeded, trimmed or in other ways, worked on. The contract will probably leave open some wiggle room for the weather when cutting the grass will not be possible (Bellingham and Ferndale both have this challenge in early spring and again in the deep fall). Generally, the contract estimates how many times during the season specific care will be provided, but do keep in mind, weather always plays a role in the final outcome of any lawn maintenance contract. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest!

In a basic lawn maintenance contract it will generally state how often (for example on a weekly or bimonthly) work is to be done. Most landscaping or yard maintenance companies may also offer beginning and season ending services such as yard clean ups, fertilizer applications, winterizing, aerating, weeding (etc) and if they are to be included in the work, they should be written into the lawn maintenance contract.  

A well written contract is designed to let the customer (and company) know what specific tasks will be completed so that there is no question as to the expectations of the job. For example, a fall clean up might include deadheading, cutting back dead foliage, cleaning/raking up leaves, trimming bushes and shrubbery, pruning fruit trees or  weeding etc.

Mulching flower beds is usually done by a landscaping crew but many yard and lawn maintenance companies offer the service and if available, should be included into your lawn maintenance contract so you know what type of mulch will be used and when you can expect to see it applied. It should also be noted what happens to lawn clippings and if the company picks them up, how are they disposed of.

There are many jobs that a lawn care and landscaping company can perform to help reduce your time outside and having a lawn maintenance contract can insure the jobs get done when they say they will get done at a preset cost. The best companies will create a custom contract designed to suit a customer’s specific landscaping needs and budget.

We here at Green Thumb Company really try to figure out how best we can help a customer take care of the specific needs of their yard while staying within the parameters of whatever their budget is. It really is all about customer service! A landscape contract is just a tool to spell out mutual expectations – and show exactly how well your landscape company can take care of you.

Enjoy your summer ~ Amy Harmon

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